Halloween Fighter Pro

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The cemeteries are open and the monsters are loose ready for Halloween.
Come meet the challenge Fighter Halloween and show what I show is the strongest.
Whether it’s Also a fighter.

– Now also with special moves
– Training Mode
– Play against your friend online or against the CPU
– Now you have 14 characters

When you press the pause menu with special moves option to see how is the easy way special moves press special moves and read and test and if you want in Training Mode to learn the special moves

“Description of how to make special moves”

Fireball Light – Back, Button (1)

Fireball Medium – Down, Forward, Button (2)

Fireball Heavy – Down, Button (2)

WallLauncher – Back, Button (2)

Super Jump – Down, up

Launcher – Forward, Button (5)

HouYoku Sen – Back , farward, back, farward, Button (6)

Hyakuretsukyaku – Button (4), Button (4), Button (4)

Shinku ha doken – Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Button (1)

Shinryuken – Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Button (2)

Power Hit – Down, Forward, Button (1) , Button (2)
Custom Combo 1:
Light Punch, Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick

Custom Combo 2:
Light Punch, Heavy Dragon Punch

Custom Combo 3:
Crouching Light Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch,
Crouching Medium Kick, Crouching Heavy Kick

Custom Combo 4:
Crouching Medium Kick, Crouching Heavy Punch, Jump, Medium Kick,
Medium Punch, (land) Crouching Heavy Punch, Super Fireball

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